Transparency for sale

Remembering, how many time’s we’ve been sold “what we need is transparency” and then never hear another word of it!

We would get transparency with some of that great Tech Stuff BODY CAM’S maybe? LIKE Zuck’s doing we could Fact Check everything our representatives are doing! to make sure there’s no Fake Politics going on…….

How about we the people get to see the bill and vote online? Maybe even ask questions of our representatives…. and we can slow down because going fast is not working for we the people! ya let’s make everyday work for us and not for the few at the top as well as be very enjoyable…… I mean up there’s right? it’s my rant

How did we go from our lifer hero’s submitting a yearly budget for review, to them now submitting package’s for a blind vote by themselves?

They’ve sure done a poor nontransparent and nonpartisan job! We need new transparent trans human politics, Trans politics! chip’em with hot mics

Anyone running 2 commercial grade refrigerators in there kitchen is a parasite to our earth…… bring the camera’s in to all the politician’s homes let’s see witch lifers are parasites and witch are just wealthy? Wealthy while they steer us into the ground. We use to say that would be a conflict of interest. But today, Well let just say you don’t want to be a Paul Revere today.

“Yep” i would watch The Representative Reality Show!