Drug testing Politicians

Drug testing Politicians

How often should the people behind the wheel of the biggest economy in the world be drug tested? hell for that matter how often should we drug test people heading up the most powerful tech company’s in the world,

Company’s that are engineering our culture 1 day at a time. while getting richer than ever in human history telling we the people stay home stay apart don’t congregate don’t be united talking about things like breaking up to big to beat tech company’s.

Company that will now be the fact checkers!!! That’s right the Zuck is going to control the volume, color, texture and what ever else the Zombie Sheep Flock will continue to embrace as there matrix experience……. i’ll be back on that thought!

But really the Lifers we should have been testing them as soon as the war on drugs began. Just saying straight people drive better than drunk people and stoned people are racers.

These few at the top are as persuaded by money, as the next person.

Yes, Let’s drug test the Lifers and the CEO’s!….. If it save’s just 1 life!!!

While we have you, let’s do a mandatory vaccination and permanent quarantine for O i don’t know? maybe 2 weeks……or a little longer

I Mean, 30 Trillion gone while our Hero Lifers have been at the wheel and i bet the majority are going to retire soon…… LIKE right when the shit hit’s the fan and you can bet they’ll be out of the markets just in time!

Who get’s to run anything that far into the ground with out being removed, fired, demoted, punished and or LOCKED UP! these parasites are going to give them selves a bonus on the way out the door, you just know it by hearing them thank one another and pat each other on the back and kiss one another’s asses for what a great fucking job there doing.

CEO’s LIKE a person in a car, drunk can hurt others 1 maybe more. Maybe a lot? But, a CEO of a mega big company? how many could be hurt by a bad discussion because he or she is on some wack pharmaceutical drug? Greed let’s not even go there right! Cannabis would be good! slow these fuckers down with a little couch lock……

That’s why i advocate for a more overdrive transmission kind of capitalistic game, when you get to big or have “won the game” earned more then you and say 4 generation of your family can use, you go into overdrive “someone else’s chance to drive” let other’s prosper as well!

but not OK that’s it one person win’s! Life will now consist of everyone buying shit from that person. We have that problem with the banking lease on our country since the beginning.

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