Big Tech or Organized Crime?

Big Tech or Organized Crime?

Wow, Teaming up to stop freedom of speech!

I think that’s LIKE super un-american or something…….. But it’s defiantly NOT! two company’s conspiring to silence anyone’s freedom of speech right? and or rights in any way, because left leaning fascism is good for the little guy (the flock) So big tech will now only fund Corporate democrat politicians?

Why? is big tech funding any of our Representatives? WTF Conflict of interest!!

Loiters all summer long use these social media links and messing apps to vandalize, rob, steal, burn in such a way that hundreds of people show up, a flash mob to STEAL not talk about it CONSPIRE OVER APPS to do CRIME or FOLLOW the crime on tweaker and Flockbook they are LIKE gang leaders in the Tech Mafia….. r u kidding me! They don’t hit to big to fail no, They hit local ma and pa store’s! probably because they don’t have the gas to go far. Inequality is a whole other story.

Let’s remember the internet was paid for by we the people and they are using our platform to make money and want to control our platform. The 50% or so of we the people that want to give 300 plus million american’s platform to Mark or Jeff your out of your fucking mind wake the fuck up.

It was a free and fare place for them to start there enterprise, let’s not allow them to make it there own Empire!….. Let’s think about other’s having the same opportunity’s Mark and Jeff have gotten in life and “NOT” have them do it for us, for the rest of eternity.

Break’em up! Split them up, there obviously not good for human consumption. The minute they take one american citizen’s right to freedom of speech they have started the ball rolling in the direction of taking every citizen’s right…..

To much power in the hands of to few. Not good for human consumption!

If we get rid of social media and it save’s just one person it’s worth it right?

Are people’s addiction that strong to the media farms, were ready to start sacrificing to the God’s?

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