Regulate them All

Regulate them All

Regulate the deregulated? nothing LIKE realizing there was probably some good purpose for the regulating to begin with!

welcome to the mess…..

Maybe regulating business / capitalism, LIKE You can’t buy up everything! You can’t compete against every industry. How about a ceiling for over-achiever capitalist, not mom and pop. As i said in another rant….. if you get to big you start to pay for more of the little guy that your hurting thru several mean’s.

That point the rich say, then we won’t create all these jobs, nice then some others can create some jobs and share in the spoils. (To spread around evenly) Yep, Subsidies for super small business so we have consent new healthy growth at smaller more wide spread leaps, Not a Monster Leap to the lucky town that is willing to give the most or will expect the least.

Pay per your size? I think, an exsample tax = 2 cents on the buck

You make; $10.00 dollars you pay .20 cents.

You make; $10,000,000,000.00 You pay; $200,000,000.00 it’s simple.

Regulate; Super Size Business, Casino LIKE Financial Markets, Cartel Banking financiers, etc.

Stimulate; Super Small business to go out rent retail space manufacturing space. Create wide spread local jobs in each community evenly through the states not in 1 or 2 lucky towns, wide spread jobs that feed wide spread spending. Not a few that the top…. Sad part is as long as paper currency is around the regulating won’t be fair. just my rant!

Let’s face it Tech isn’t good for human consumption.

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