Social Media or domestic terrorism?

Social Media or domestic terrorism?

Social Media is obviously using the division of our country and people for profit the big question is how far will they get? or maybe the question is how big of an Empire will satisfy?

They admittedly are in the pocket’s of our elected representatives. They stated them selves, we are going to pull funding from the politicians we don’t agree with! and silence them! Jail this zucker…….i’m going to start calling this guy joker

he will go down in history as the one person that did more damage to the fabric of our human society then any other in the history of the world. Just my prediction. Some times really big ideas go down in just as big of flames.

This guy and a few others are the Empire controlling there gang sitting in our house……..break’em up! If the fake news introduced us to the “spin” flockbook has lead us to the full wash cycle with Mark’s own Fact Checking for the flock. Thanks for thinking for me joker your the best!!!!

What if we let this continue and it become more toxic than it already is? I say what if and the truth is young folks don’t know any different, that’s whey they will say

Maybe we need testing for the flock? See if they still posses any of there own cognitive skills? If you use flockbook (and have stopped thinking for your self) then you might think mandatory vaccinations are good for everyone….

Wake up!!!!! we are a free democracy because we give one another the right and respect to have our own opinions and say what we LIKE. If we get conned into taking any person rights away we don’t agree with we have basically taken our own right from ourselves. That would make us brain dead and it’s what we are letting gang LIKE politicians do to our democracy in the name of protecting you and the constitution (as they destroy it)

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