Body Cam’s on Politician’s

I think so! and i every where. after all they work for us and are suppose to be representing us correctly. How do we know what there doing behind closed doors? our closed doors not there’s, ya add it to the Patriot Act because there so damned patriotic. Hero’s every last one of them, i’m sure they all want to make thing’s better for us American’s.

All that bipartisan matrix of Identity politic’s. People that are confused by it all (and they should be) just ignore it. People that think they have it figured out, only really have an understanding of the simulation they have chosen A or B because they have choice’s right? the simulation by design will run on wash cycle A (Sinclair and affiliates)or wash cycle B (news corp. and affiliates) to control people and public sentiment.

These lifers have been at the wheel thru this whole departure from anything resembling normal. Presidents come and go but a lot of these lifer politicians have been in public office to long, Shame is the mess there leaving behind for our kids.

yep step right up hero! drug test, body cam, implant, body mic, vaccination what else can we do to make sure our finest have all the protection they need?

But, i mean without them creating another bailout/stimulus package for us what would we do? i LIKE the body cam’s idea they all wear’em and we all watch’em