20 Years of Stimulus

20 Years of Stimulus

Where’s the juice! O it’s coming….

Hay! i have an idea, Let’s barrow, print, put on the books a shit load of debt…..

hummm! I would gladly have someone else pay you on tuesday for a hamburger today good sir! (Remembering the walrus)

Well i guess because some wealthy folks have to much to lose, We can’t really fix anything i mean what would Jeff, bill, Mark, and Warren do?

Maybe if we give them just a few more tax cut’s, they’ll create a couple more AI job’s. I guess if your artificially intelligent 5G is going to be like………hello Mr. Roboto……. Sad part is the Representative at the wheel that have gotten us here are all millionaire’s if not billionaire’s with foundation’s. and we debt.

Can’t say the green party got us here, can’t say the freedom party got us here, can’t say….

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