900 Billion that’s all Folk’s?

900 Billion that’s all Folk’s?

There has to be short term, up front, off the top gain for a country to buy debt in us at this point.

I mean, especially in a country with obvious Sean Connery going on!

LIKE i’m thinking they’re getting how much off the top? 100 bil 50 bil with the interest over bla bla bla, who care’s never going to see or get it!

That’s the big negotiations going on! Who to borrow from and how to make it lucrative enough for them? seems LIKE we keep borrowing less and less 5 tril, 4 tril, 2.5 tril 900 bil Really are we that close to the end.

I LIKE Nancy let’s borrow 2.5 tril again! “Nancy they don’t want to agree to are losing cos anymore”. We’ve borrowed more money then even exist.

900 billion that’s it? are we at the end of our rope? Sound’s LIKE just enought to keep the Sean Connery going and pay the interest on what we all ready owe. The next stimulus will look LIKE this 225 billion. Ya they’ll loan US just enough to pay the interest on the loans we owe them! Perfect………

Wow these lifer politicians have spent more money (leaving the next generation with the most debt ever) then any other humans in all of know history. I can’t only wonder how that high feel’s. All of them all both parties!

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