Happy 20 years of stimulus!

Happy 20 years of stimulus!

Wow can you believe it? 20 years all ready they been saying we’re going to fix things by Stimulating the economy! Great idea get the economy going LIKE a freight train out of control and try to keep it barreling out of control as long as possible .

Because slowing down and having anything near a normal human life pace economy is not going to put money into board members hand’s and certainly not going to fuel Stock Casino’s, or other financial vehicle’s to car jack from you……..

Crazy 2 think if your born within the last 20 years you’ve never really been free. LIKE, when i was born they weren’t issuing SS#’s at birth, Children being born today are given SS#’s before they are allowed to leave the authoritarian’s facility.

My guess is Tax’s! I mean there borrowing based on a human working life span of labor / tax revenue? i think…… It is spooky thought SS# at birth just saying.

Thought this was fitting, good old Walt miss him……..

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