LIKE Obama said!

LIKE Obama said!

I’m not going to let this happen on my watch! So i will write 1 big ass check to the banks………I think it was late at night on LIKE a Friday before a long weekend, give everyone 2 or 3 days to become complacent or just straight forget……hints length of attention span circa 2008.

Today, maybe 45 minutes will do the job. O that 1? that’s so 45 minutes ago!

Anyway, ya the Bankster’s sat on there hands let everyone fail and well you now the rest. good luck with those re-appropriation loans!

So the big question will Sleepy Joe write a big check for his parties interest? You bet your sweet ass “good old boy” Joe’s going to tow the line! Nonpartisan line of course.

Everything seems lined up again for a Left handed copulation.

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