Yep! i would be praying…

Yep! i would be praying…

O man! should people be worried market’s that hold most of american’s retirement account’s are as volatile as the other casino market’s?

What bubble? it’s a K shape recovery no it’s a V shape or maybe turn the V over….

In my opinion investor’s are at the exit each time the juice show’s up.

We should be demanding slower growth and less inequality. It has to come down. Sorry! to folks how have become so rich in paper from others backs. it’s everyone investing there money into these markets (remembering bush “don’t leave your money sitting in saving get it working”) 30,000 is how leveraged the corporation’s are to the american people.

If you’ve been thru the hysteria before, it’s hard to buy in again! Everything is reciprocal sooner or later!

OK I’m gonna go John Lennon on you for a minute’ Imagine; america’s a card table and FAANG are the players! when the dealer, we’ll call him/her the FED doesn’t have another cart full of chips coming out from the back. ‘S of the people. what will the players do?

We let them get to big….. and doesn’t that chart look LIKE half a pyramid?

I get that there are bigger fish running the casino markets, But the boy’s thru there bombard you with identity advertising (spend 10 x what you’ll every make and pay your self LIKE a rock star) have made them selves the poster children for my new 2021 matrix poster yes!!!! and there each getting 1. The luck just won’t stop for you guys man……… remember it’s my rant

Zuck read’in the paper thanks to the creator.

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