“Selfie Siege”

“Selfie Siege”

The Selfie Siege I can’t see future genarations looking back at the selfie siege LIKE wow! what a moment in history! “Not”

Really False Flags already?

Well call it what you want a Dog and Pony show, Political Circus or Hollywood Theater or what it is. Yesterday did not just accidentally happen. It was an engineered false flag designed to do what it did. Steer votes and sway opinions.

The big give away is the random interview with a guy coming out from the “Selfie Siege” I mean, how lucky to grab a random guy and he’s the guy that was at the front of the selfie siege and held the girl that was shot? Wow, then swat showed him the back door and said get out of here? wouldn’t he be one of the people being prosecuted for this siege? maybe he’s the shooter? But really he said she said “i think i’m fine.” not realizing she had been shot in the neck? the clip i saw she was laid down on the floor a little red something on her neck. Ah Ha! That’s it the guy put the red stuff on! he’s a crisis acting make-up artist. Solved…

Yep, We got our selves a bonified false flag with some Crisis acting and some fake red stuff. What’s this remind everyone of?

I personally don’t think the people at the front of the group entering our public building with there hand’s up in the air walking around can be considered a real Siege! They were let in. If the house didn’t want them in there they would not have let them in! Come on there were all of 15 people being aggressive.

Think about the timing of it all, you could not stage it better. All the phones out there and we get a few perfect image’s and sound bite’s because it works better that way. There all in on it!

I’m sure there’s some memos going around…..

Final Thoughts,

The protest at the front door was nothing, it took one guy with some type of pepper gun and all the police coming out from some where? and everyone went home. I can’t wait to see the spin and what some will do with the sound bites and images. Let’s all remember we’ve only seen a couple of small hallways where all of the images took place. As far as the selfie’s yep shame on them. (the people that got in were talking fucking selfies!) maybe a little vandalism at best! I’m sure we will be paying for it……along with there dinner and how convenient for them it happened at there dinner time. Give those hero’s a raise!

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