Is Tech good for human consumption?

Is Tech good for human consumption?

Let’s face it beyond communicating with your family and friend’s, some convenience’s with finance, there’s not much that’s helping to LIKE get people back outside connecting with nature, going to the lake for a day or park, hiking, boating, without consent bombardment from this matrix of chaos that we pay them for, there identity content advertising or what ever it’s called they’re algorithm need’s to shove down your throat, there is no gee is this a good time for you? anymore. No big tech it’s not! GTFA

Break them up the people at the top get the you win the game card anything you want for personal comfort is yours the system slows down to a healthy speed for human consumption, the people and the states get even share of today’s new economy not just the few that where in the right place at the right time……..

5G is for Robots not human beings.

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