The Simulation

The Simulation

The Social Media Farms and there Social Engineering experimentation on our friends and family’s. It may turn out to be worse then the Opioid Epidemic and LIKE a drug, they admittedly will not walk away from there devise no matter how divided they become.

From first daylight there LIKE did i get a LIKE? Subscribe? did i get linked-in? did someone smash my button? did someone give me a thumbs up? re-tweak my tweak? come on anyone a follow maybe?

” Nothing LIKE a thumbs up to get that fresh from the media farmed felling”

when you try to peel a screen junkie from there social media coma You may get responses LIKE “who cares” & “I don’t care” or what side are you on? you have to pick the red pill or the blue pill! ( because there is no other side right?) Well if you didn’t pick a pill then you drank the juice!

because nobody is capable of thinking for them selves anymore and or having differing apionion from there farmed fresh sound bite and 1.4 second video clip.

The LIKES of flockbook, tweaker, instantly-exploited, Mug-shot and others are going to keep using them LIKE Third party screen junkies for there jim jones LIKE social experimentation.

If you try to point out the problems with private company’s both left and right having to much power in shaping the fabric of this democracy, the’ll go crazy LIKE……. what else are they going to do? I mean if you spend your days trying to get more thumbs up then the next screen junkie….. I get it you don’t have a life!

So then they’ll get on a DE-bunking trip where they want to debunk others points of view. Because why should there be a point of view or any critical thinking outside of Zuck the fact checker and his flock?

The last thing you will get is a level headed human.

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