Revving the Economy

Revving the Economy

I see the markets and the pulse of the economy similarly to a motor! If you keep revving the motor (for 20+ years) it can only brake.

What did the Motor use to run on? A gold backed currency, farming, local community sales of goods, family’s hard work, saving’s and Time to mature, (time for the community park, the public pool, camping, going to the cabin for a weekend that has no phone and a lot less Federal Government.

What’s the motor running on now? Cheap debt., promises, casino like stock markets, FAANG, no savings, no time to wait ( like Obama said when he cut that check so fast and saved us all and the banks that saved no one and bought up all the little guys for pennies, a lot more Federal Government and Cannabis the wonder drug! good thing we got weed!

Tomorrow’s need’s i think is where the conversation needs to be.

Not what this person said or what that person said(Identity Politics). Not reduce tax’s on the biggest of the big(fair balance pay your share). Not create the wealthiest human’s in the shortest span of this civilization(Inequality). Not have american capitalism work for you and consume it all for self in a country we call ours…….Let’s just hope these now world wide corporations don’t leave the very country that made them for broke. Brake them up!

Seems that we are only revving the motor for a few anyway. Maybe we should slow the motor, break the FAANG company’s up. Only then can we have our little enough to fail company’s back……. what should the motor run on tomorrow? What speed / rpm’s should the motor run at for human’s to live a healthy enjoyable life but leave something for the next Generation? If not to leave more for them!

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