UBI sound’s good to me Elon!

UBI sound’s good to me Elon!

Universal Basic Income…… Why not? Then the to big to fail would have to pay that and them some to get people to due thru dirty work. Just think then government could off set it for the little guy in his or her favor Ya! subsidies for the little enough to fail!

Solves poverty, homelessness, begin’s to work on inequality’s, Barrow it agian and setup the account UBI like SSI as shit hits the fan try something differant. i don’t know remember this is just a rant!

Maybe it’s already here…..

Let,s do some math: everyone gets 3,000.00 per month base. then a company has to pay at least that much just to get your attention if i am to leave my UBI and work, i would need at least maybe 4500 a month or better yet 6,000.00 per month. then we subsidies small company’s and the to big to fail pay the 3,000.00 UBI off set for small company’s(because they care about there country and there Hero’s) and no we the people would not pay for it.

Yep UBI paid not to work. Like the farmers are paid not to farm! Why shouldn’t People get subsidies?

OK more math: 3,000.00 x 1.5 mil tax payers (maybe more) 5 billion a year i mean that’s nothing compared to how much is being…………………. 900 billion we can’t spare 5 for we the people?

20 years is it 30 trillion under the same politicians?

I know there’s a to big to fail minion out there some where that living The American Dream.

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